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Research Lines

The Graduate Program in Social Psychology, Psychology of Work and 

Organizations is constituted by three lines of research:

Evaluation and Measures in Psychology

Description: Psychological assessment (in different contexts), construction, validation and standardization of measures, social and educational programs assessment, large scale educational assessment, cognitive and neuropsychological evaluation, personality traits assessment, multilevel evaluation.

Behavior, Work, and Organizations

Description: Culture, learning, competencies and education, individual and in group behavior in the organizations, values, change in organizations, health, well being and life quality at work, psychopathology, psychodynamics and work clinical, and activity ergonomics.

Behavior in the Social and Environmental Context

DescriptionConsumer behavior, political behavior, environmental behavior, prosocial behavior, dishonest behavior, behavior in the traffic, prejudice and discrimination, human values, culture, transculturality, violence, gender, social dilemmas, retirement and social representations.


Organizational Learning and Change Laboratory (LABAMO)
Laboratory of Diversity and Culture in Organizations (LADCO)
Instructional Systems Evaluation Laboratory (LASI)
Laboratory of Assessment Methods and Techniques
Laboratory of Assessment Methods and Techniques (LABPAM)
Psychodynamic and Clinical of Work Laboratory (LPCT)
Laboratory of Cognition and Effectiveness in Organizations (CEO)
Laboratório de Psicologia Social do Desenvolvimento (LPSD)
Work Psychology Laboratory (PST)
Grupo Consuma de Estudo e Pesquisa em Comportamento do Consumidor (CONSUMA)
Inovare - Research Group on Changes, Social Networks and Innovation in Organizations